Astral Sex, Remote Seduction, Demonic Possession (Ramblings)

By Tomas · Jun 9, 2021
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Remote seduction at the advanced level is more like astral sex.It is more real,it is as if you are actually doing the deed.

This goes to show that when you use this technique and have mind blowing sexual intimacy you sort of astral project into other realms of reality.

Now each realm has its entities that can be attracted to your vibration/frequency.

The lower levels in the astral realm are dominated by entities that feed on lust,fear,greed, insecurities etc.

The higher dimensions are populated by energies that vibrate higher.Emotions(frequencies) such as love, peace,joy attract such entities.

How I got the possessed by lower entities (demons).

Low entities are not only demons,some are just low entities with no ulterior motives to drain you or even possess you if you take it too far.They are just wandering in the lower astral minding their own business.

 When i attracted those lower entities I was rsing an ex girlfriend I had great chemistry with in the astral.

She was someone we connected with in the 3rd but we were just not good for each other to be involved in a serious relationship beside that i wanted to experiment and see how far i could reach.She was a perfect person for that because she also loved our telepathic connection.

Even while in a relationship she would tell  me that she felt my presence all the time(I would rs her,I never told her about rs though) as if i was there giving her bliss.To be honest she is one of my soul mates and she believes so.

It started with us mingling everyday just before bed then it escalated to every morning and night.We would merge for hours to an end and we ended up getting addicted to each other.I got off giving her multiple energetic orgasms,it made me feel like a sex god.

Sometimes I would be awaken by her in the middle of the night through telepathy and we would sip from the cup of bliss(I don't know how she did it).

The feelings and the passion we shared can never be compared to normal physical intimacy.

They were intense and mind blowing.It was like normal sex except more fulfilling,a merging of souls,a fusion of the feminine and masculine energies that brought us into oneness.

I could intuitively sense where I was stroking her.I could sense/hear her when she wanted me to be quick or slow.

I could tell when she didn't want "sexual intercourse"(energetic intercourse) and when she just wanted to mingle or wanted positive masculine energy.She would tell me when she was busy and when she wanted a quickie.All of the communication was telepathic.

At this point our level of telepathic communication was of a high level..The psychic link was super strong.

It was like we were staying together while she was miles away because i could 'astral project" to her place.

As our lust was getting out of hand i started noticing some "dark energies" circling around us wanting to have orgies with us and I would try to protect us using my imagination.But they were persistent that sometimes I would feel/sense like she was being pounded hard by someone while at the same time mingling with me​.

This happened for some time,being ignorant I thought it was just my imagination,afterall we were in our special place of tranquility.I didn't think our sexual intimacy could invite demons.

One night of our "tyrast" i got lost in a trance that I "saw" myself,my sp and a tall man dressed in all in black,long leather jacket,a black hat, with one eye on top of the mountain."He" looked like the undertaker,the former WWE wrestler.

"He" was rocking her like nobody's business.I didn't have the power to protect her and she also seemed to be enjoying it because she was dripping wet and coming over and over again.It was when we realised we had taken things too far.Yet we didn't stop.This must have continued for about a week or two.

The guy would "come and take" us to the top of the mountain and do his things and I would see flashes of someone taking the cum of my sp and shaving her pubic hair.

I started hearing voices as if she was calling my name all the time.Well I thought she was consistently thinking about me which was true but somehow the vibration behind didn't feel right,it felt dense.Then I started hearing voices where she was telling me I was annoying her.I would hear contradictory words like I hate/love you.I couldn't tell exactly what they meant.

One night  I was awaken by something beside my bed and when I looked at it it vanished.It was more like a shadow.It was just there sitting.

From there on when I did sessions I would feel somethings like snakes licking my face.

I would see weird people sucking me into their dimension for a few seconds them releasing me.It would feel like sleep paralysis i couldn't stop it.

Was I still mingling with my sp?Or maybe our union was hacked?

 Irrespective of those strange occurrences my lust pushed me to mingle more.By now it was not pure bliss I felt before,it was more draining.My work started to suffer because I was always tired.

One night we "agreed" to mingle at about 10 pm.All this communication was through telepathy.We were not in contact with the sp.

Just before the appointed time i suddenly  had a spontaneous connection with her.It was like I had tuned into a frequency that gave me access to her subconscious mind.

I started hearing everything about her life,her feelings toward me.It was like i was listening to her thoughts about me,like listening to a radio.

She was saying i was not  her type and she preferred men who were short with big bellies while I was tall and lean..

When the appointed time finally came and she tried to mingle and I ignored her.I ignored her because I was pissed and curious to find out more about her.

All that time she was trying to form a connection until around 2am when i eventually gave her some attention and we got into a telepathic argument where she told me all those derogatory things.It was like she knew everything about me as well.

Around 4am we were suddenly sucked into a dimension of those weird looking creatures I kept getting sucked into earlier.They were in a place that seemed like a spaceship with blue lighting.

Those "people" had round faces and were blue in colour (maybe the lighting).They were dressed like the captain of the Titanic(the movie) and spoke to us in our native language.

"You are now wizards, nothing you do in life will ever be successful.You only have four days to live."

I have never been that scared in my entire life.The words they spoke had a strong vibration that left me shivering with fear.I was dead sure I was going to die..

After a few seconds I quickly extracted(that was the last time I saw them) myself from that "dimension'' and I felt so weak thereafter.

I became dizzy and woke up ,went to my brother who was in another room and told him I was going to dieπŸ™„.He was so shocked and asked why I said that.Then I told him half the story and he looked at me like "you are crazy.''

Now my sp couldn't let go telling me all bad things.We were now connected consistently.It was like our brains were connected with a long chain.

She could read my thoughts and I could do the same,whatever I did she saw.Everywhere I went she was there talking shit.

but the catch was I couldn't see her.

Was this her or just something else that had hacked my mind?

She would correct how i spoke (when thinking),how i walked and dressed.She would correct my English which is not my native language.Every insecurities i had she would shame and correct.

We were in each others case for a full two/three days.I was also shaming her and telling her all her insecurities and debauchery ways I had heard while listening to her early on.

She was busy blaming me that I was the cause for that "demonic imprisonment" and she was going to tell everyone what I had done to her.She said she was coming to shoot me because she couldn't stand being tied with someone she hated like me forever.

On the third day my sp told me she was getting released from the connection/imprisonment because i was the one who remote seduced her from the start.This she said she was told by beings who were communicating with her.Our connection was broken and I could feel great relief atleast her nagging was gone.

Obviously by that time my family knew that I was demon possessed even though they couldn't understand the whole story.I could not tell them I was possessed because i was busy fucking in the astral plane...πŸ˜€.

During that time I prayed and went to people that prayed for me but nothing happened.

I became boisterous, fighting my family and the voices,by then I was being guarded by family members,they sort of became my bodyguards,locking me in the room scared that I was going to hurt myself.

I was having conversations with the voices of  the people I knew who were telling me that I was going to die an excruciating death and that the people I knew were all demons.

Everyone seemed to know telepathy and was using it to communicate with those people in the astral.

I would catch glimpses of those people they had lightbodies, they could just teleport to any location around the world.They had their cars that were as fast as a speed of light.

They would show me how they did astral sex and someone would fuck my ex girlfriends who were all there laughing and telling everyone how bad I was in the sack...It was crazy..I was really controlled, manipulated and deceived..yes probably crazy.

They took turns talking to me about the life I was going to live after my death which was going to be the most excruciating death ever,thereafter when i reached their dimension where they were going to kill me again and let my body be eaten by dogs then after three days I would raise from the dead and be a slave,a hobbo because I loved myself too much and thought I was better.

They said i was going to be in bondage for seven years in that realm with no girlfriend, because no one would want me.The threats went on and on..I don't want to lie i believed them.

One day my family were taking me to a shaman and I asked them to stop the car so I could piss.It was my way of running away because the voice had said my family were taking me to a big dam where a big snake was waiting for me.The voice said the snake was going to keep me alive under water for nine days while eating me piece by piece.

I ran away leaving them behind in the middle of nowhere,I ran to the forest for miles non stop while fighting what were demonic attacks.

They were coming to me like bullets that were ripping my body into pieces(attacking psychically)and I was busy fighting energetically,blocking those waves with my etheric body until I reached the main road.

I nearly threw myself infront of oncoming traffic..I just wanted to die.By then it was getting dark and i had lost my family in the forest.i hitchhiked back home,some two guys i didn't know stopped and gave me a free hike.

When i got home i stood outside of the gate because I thought everyone thought I was a demon.I was literally sure that everyone thought I was a demon,I felt like one.I believed my family were really planning to get rid of me.

To cut a long story short i ended up in the hospital where more spirits visited me,some taught me alot about the astral realm.I met dead people who I knew.I remember some dead aunt telling me her daughter was about to die and indeed she died a few weeks later.

It was where I met my higher self that stood on my behalf when I had to pass certain tests that I had to undergo.

The test were like oral teachings.They asked questions that I had to answer to pass to the next plane....There were many planes...Each plane I met a new teacher who would turn out to have ulterior motives later but I would not give consent.My higher self knew things I didn't know..

After four days of consistent "real" teachings and deciet from demons i was discharged from the hospital.

Obviously doctors thought I had depression or suffered from Schizophrenia and booked an appointment with a psychologist.. I never went there because I knew it was a spiritual thing....

The voices  were then not talking to me 24/7 but they visited every morning around 3am,they would sap my energy for 30 minutes and leave😫, leaving me drained.I would feel them moving inside my stomach like something like a snake was there.

Everyday they would wake me up.. that's why they say 3am is a witches hour.So much astral activities during that time.

In the meantime prayer warriors visited my home and"layed hands me" and i felt as if i was vomiting some ugly creature which made me feel better.One brother taught me that calling the name of Jesus chased them away.

 "Whenever you feel their presence call the name of Jesus repeatedly."He said.

I then went to a shaman,on the way the voices started to tremble telling me they were  scared and didn't want to get exposed.

When  we got to the shaman he gave me a special incense(not the normal incense, that one literally drives away bad spirits) i drank and puked for a few days until the attachments of the spirits left.

What I learned from the experience.


#1.Demonic possession is real..

Many people don't believe in the existence of demons.They believe it is the shadow that presents itself as something demonic.That is a possibility by in my case I was really possessed.

Well my hypothesis is demons use the shadow as a portal to gain access into our minds.In the astral thoughts are not hidden,meaning demonic spirits or higher spirits know our thoughts.

When they align with your vibration which in my case was lust they can attach themselves to you and hack your mind using your shadow to weaken you.When you succumb(give consent) to their bullying the easier they get access to your life force.

Their greatest weapon is using fear,sometimes they would show faces of weird looking people with strange smiles to intimidate me.

They were able to make me bleed through my nose as proof to show that they could kill me.They performed alot of proof to show they were in control of my mind.

They are super intelligent.​​​

​​​​​​When i contacted my sp via WhatsApp(I had to because we were not in contact) she knew nothing about demonic possession which means somehow they had hacked our union.It seems some spirit (s) came to me as if it was her.When that started i don't know.

When I had a conversation with her she confessed that our union had been driving insane with desire for quite sometime until it started feeling heavy and she felt as if some bad energy was forcing itself to her.She said that's when she suspected that something was wrong and started praying hard and not giving consent until the spirit gave up.

The two possible reasons why  why they possessed me.

I can't be sure but in my case there are two possibilities why they did:

#1.Breaking of consent

Before rsing her i broke a consent and forcefully had astral sex with a certain woman and my ancestors showed up and told me it was wrong.To be honest that night I don't know what came over me.I became possessive.I had to pay the price for forcing myself into someone without her consent.

They(Demons) used that(consent) to control me since I had forced myself to someone.They had the "right" to force themselves to me and control me as I had done to that lady.

Otherwise they can't hack you if they don't have consent to do so.They are bound by spiritual law. 

It's all about understanding consent which is a post on it's own.

Demonic spirits have no power over us.All they relay on is manipulation and deceit so as to dupe you to give them consent to do whatever dirty thing they want to do...

#2.In the astral like attracts like..

As we were busy copulating with my sp astrally we were attracting horny demons who were matching our lust frequency.

The more lust we had the more lustful demons we attracted until they got attached to me because I was now obsessed with this astral sex and the bliss it brought.

I was no longer vibrating love.I was addicted and It was all lust and that's what I attracted,a gang of lustful demonic spirits who did everything to dupe me so they could get consent to sap my vitality.Of which they did to perfection.. While my sp protected herself by not giving consent.She is more of a a medium type of person.

Subtle Signs Of Demonic possession

1. A sensation of paralysis may rise like a wave or a fluid through your body --- which does not make physiological sense, but which makes psychic sense. Or, pain may shift around in ways that don't make physiological sense.

2.Sometimes it feels like you're fighting for your mind against something. Some possessions like this are strong enough to knock you out -they can be truly dangerous.

3.A preponderence to be worst at night. Generally getting worse and worse a few hours after sunset, and finally relenting near dawn. 

4.A preponderence to be worse while half-asleep.Hallucinating alot of weird things uncontrollable.

5.The symptoms include yucky-feeling energy. People who can feel energy may sense some nasty energy, or may see unusual darkness. If you are the victim and can sense energy, you may notice it too, especially if the energy shifts and changes within you or around you.You or others may simply sense another "presence" there.

These are just a few as there are many that i didn't list.


     How to deal with demons..

#1.Simple ignore the must be willing to at least temporarily shut the door on all non-physical communication, including deep insights. You won't lose the ability to get inspiration -- you simply need the added ability of closing the sluice gates when necessary.DON'T LISTEN to negative thoughts or voices! Even when they they say they are your spirit guides!In most cases it's just a bait to get consent so they can turn against you later on.

When you ignore them they eventually give up.There are billions of other vulnerable souls they can attach themselves to.But make sure to keep your vibration high, avoid things like smoking,drugs and alcohol because they keep coming back for an opening and should they find an opening they come back stronger.

#2. Call the of Jesus or if you simply cannot bring yourself to call on Jesus, pray to the highest authority of good that you know.

If you are a member of a church or other spiritual group that you respect and trust, consider asking for a special prayer/meditation session for you, perhaps even with "laying on of hands." There is a real power to group prayer/meditation, "where two or three are gathered in one spirit there is great power," I  felt that when i vomited that strange animal (symbolically of course) while they lay hands on me, and many have seen its effects.

#2.Get busy, listen to good music and just do about anything to distract you.Mentally "cut away" any perceived darkness from around you.Get up and move around!

Shut off your imagination and focus on the here-and-now. Definitely stop worrying and fretting!Distract your mind with a positive book or magazine.Avoid some books and movies that can trigger the attacks.

#3.Practice mindfulness so you can decipher your own thoughts and those that are out to mess up with you.Learning and practicing mindfulness meditation has been a great help to me.Because demons attack through the shadow it's key that as we go about our day, our thoughts and feelings are checked at all times.Demons control a person’s reasoning power through feelings.

Mindfulness trains one to notice them as they arise and to pay kind attention to them.With mindfulness we make an effort to pause at the moment of experiencing a feeling and its related thoughts. By doing so, we can begin to draw our awareness out of the self-concept that those thoughts and feelings are inspiring and give ourselves space to consider them in freedom.

Without paying attention to our thoughts and noticing how feelings control us, we are driven by stirred-up emotions and are quick to believe the thoughts they inspire which can cause you to give consent unintentionally.

#4.Cleanse your magnetic field aka aura which  is the energetic force that surrounds your entire being. It is a magnet that draws in and repels all of the vibration that you emit.

In many ways, the condition of your aura creates the filter in which you attract higher entities or lower entities.

When your auric field is strong and healthy, it allows you to feel energised, more aligned with your soul and helps you to create a more positive outlook and demons can't attach to such a person 

#5.Smudging with sacred herbs involves burning particular herbs and allowing the smoke to cover your entire auric field in order to be cleansed.

Some sacred herbs you may want to use include:

  • White sage: great all purpose cleansing herb to clear away negative energies
  • Coastal Sage: can help to repair tears in the aura
  • Palo Santo: great all purpose cleansing herb which helps heal the aura
  • Thyme: can help to release emotions and traumas from the past
  • Cedar: can help to release fears and enhance courage
  • Mugwort: can help repair psychic damage and enhance intuition

Once you have selected the perfect herb for you, create a sacred space and set your intention for the cleansing. Allow the smoke from the herbs to pass around the top of your head and down through your body. You can also use the smoke to cleanse and protect your environment..

6.Clear your chakras:sit down, close your eyes, and visualize your chakras.Begin at the bottom, with the root chakra.

See it clearly in your mind and then set it spinning.Move up through all the chakras until you reach the crown chakra, keeping them all spinning at the same time. Then imagine a swoosh of water coming through the top of your head (through your crown chakra) and moving through each chakra in turn, cleansing them as it goes. The water flows back to the earth to be redistributed as needed.Admire your shining, sparkly clean spinning chakras for a moment and then settle them back down. That’s it. Easy as can be and so incredibly refreshing.

Caveat## Sometimes voices that you keep hearing are just records(programs) of your past traumatic experiences(shadow).It is important to discern where those voices beam from.Just a simple thought can trigger those programs to keep replaying themselves while driving you insane thinking you are possessed.


Consent in the astral plane is vital.What this means is when you remote seduce someone you must have their consent but to have consent you don't have to ask the person face to face.

You can get consent through seducing them in the astral with your energetic presence and when they push you away you don't force yourself in them instead you take a step back and try again.In the astral plane you approach like in the 3rd and it's up to the person to consent to the union.So there is nothing wrong with remote seduction..

If your intentions are in alignment with theirs they give consent pretty easy.Remember their higher self knows your intentions.Don't ever force yourself into someone.You will pay a heavy price...If not now later!You will face astral imprisonment.

It is important to never listen to what is said in the astral because it's mostly deceit(if you are in the lower planes of the astral).

As you read my story above nothing was true.They always say contradictory things to form strong holds that end up being programs that can control your whole life if you don't get mindful and recode yourself. 

When mingling decern the density of the energy because  they can hack a union where you think you are with you sp while it's some low vibrational entity sucking you dry..

The astral plane has laws like the 3rd.You break them you suffer the consequences.How they lure you to pay for your "sins" is up to them because they can use every trick to teach you a lesson.Once they give the slightest consent they can turn your life upside down.

If you want to avoid going the path that i went through I advise that you avoid doing long sessions where it's only about sex.

Keep your sessions short,not more than 30 minutes(mostly mingling yet still seducing them) and whenever you sense some dense energy swirling around abort the session or use your imagination to protect yourself.You can just imagine a protection field surrounding you.

You must also make sure to cleanse your energetic field consistently in whatever way that works for you.

All in all demons are not out there to kill you but to strengthen you and to show you your shadow.They mirror your shadow and show you exactly where you need to improve.Don't take the attack at face value. Attacks tend to be big and threatening, and seem to overwhelm and frighten. While uncomfortable, a lot of this is simply bluff. The more fear you have for them, the more power you give to them. Lighten up; smile at attacks. 

They are not out there to attach themselves to people who do astral sex.It's your energy that attracts them,if your sessions are based purely on lust without taking the time to cleanse your energetic field then you will attract them.

Lastly I don't want to lie it was the most torrid time of my life.I was scared AF.Everything was "real" but in the end when you don't give in to their manipulations you win.

You don't agree even when they promise you lotto numbers(they did I didn't agree) or whatever wealth because it is a bait to gain consent so they can have a firm grip on you.

Any questions where you don't understand don't hesitate to ask or share your story.As I said these are my ramblings,I ain't an expert in such things... Still learning about it...

 Tomas πŸ§”

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